Social Services & Activities

Social Services & Activities

Saad El Zein has been actively involved since a young age in organizations that work towards the betterment of the community and society as a whole.

He has since donated his time, effort and funds towards helping significant associations related to the same goals he believed in and supported.

An active member of society, Saad has had collaborations with several social, educational, and sports associations around Lebanon and Dubai. He is an avid member of organizations that promote children’s health, and frequently lends his support to children’s hospitals, orphanages and other establishments catering to children’s welfare in Lebanon. In addition, Saad is part of various environmental associations and initiatives.

Saad’s other main involvement is in the field of Education, in particular with the Lebanese American University heading its Alumni activities as the Dubai Chapter president. This involvement led to successful consistent fundraising for the University to beef up the scholarship fund and the fulfillment of dreams and building of careers of many Arab students in the region. Saad also contributes towards the primary education of many under privileged students and supports them as they commence their education journey.

Having a strong belief in empowering young people with skills and knowledge to equip them to face the ever-changing work environment and globalization trends affecting the region, he established free training courses in foreign languages, computers and technology through accredited training centers.

His professional career as the CEO of a large independent Communication Group and the VP and Area Director Middle East & Africa of the International Advertising Association (IAA), has exposed him to the best industry practices and highest standards of advertising which he is in turn able to channel as part of the mentoring and coaching of young professionals and aspiring business graduates that seek his help as part of his philanthropic activities.

Recently, Saad and a group of like-minded individuals hailing from various Lebanese regions established The Association for Development and Empowerment in Lebanon, ADEL.

ADEL is an independent civil society organization that is non-political, no-religious and not for profit with a social, cultural & educational focus.

ADEL is committing itself to addressing educational, vocational and knowledge needs among young Lebanese striving to secure a dignified and sustainable livelihood. Reiterating the meaning of the word ‘ADEL’ which in Arabic means justice, the Association believes that proper Education is the key to fostering leaders and subsequently communities and nations, thus ADEL is committed to providing education, training, knowledge and empowerment that would eventually support progress and development of Lebanese communities.

With a diverse association with various local, regional and global organizations like the UAE Red Crescent, the Lebanese Red Cross, Mohammad Bin Rashid Foundation, Green Peace, Caritas, Children’s Cancer Center, Al Walid Bin Talal Foundation, Lebanese American University, Al Sadr Foundation, Young Arab Leaders, Emirati Lebanese friendship Association, Lebanese Business Council among others, Saad through ADEL, the organization with which he is intimately associated, is aiming to network and collaborate across Lebanon and the region to fulfill the goals of youth empowerment through education and knowledge…

Saad’s favorite motto: ‘Self-actualization is not possible without the sort of community service that is constructive, goal-achieving and most importantly, continuous.