LAU Alumni Recognition Award – 2008


08 Jan LAU Alumni Recognition Award – 2008


Saad El Zein ’89

  • Managing Director of Abraj Property Developers
  • President of Dubai & Northern Emirates Alumni Chapter
  • Member of the Young Arab Leader Organization in the UAE
  • Board of Director & Secretary general of the Lebanese Business Council

What alumni & friends say about Saad:

– Words, pages and even books will never acknowledge the support that Saad has given to either Lebanon, in general, or LAU in specific. Furthermore, the character of Saad and his humbleness makes a person feel he has a family here to get all the support needed.

– Saad has been supporting Lebanon and the Lebanese, LAU as university and graduates, LAU UAE community, down to LAU committee members for so long and our turn has come to support him get recognized for all the good deeds he has accomplished as a small token of appreciation.

Best accomplishments:

  • Management of the ‘ Support Lebanon campaign’ – donation campaign.
  • Management of the ‘Trillion campaign for Lebanon’ – donation campaign.
  • Management of the “Lebanese Army Program for the Army Hospitals computer Networking” – donation campaign.
  • Nominated among the top 100 leaders in the Middle East in respective industries – Al Idari Magazine.
  • Selected by the Decision Maker Television for a documentary about the personal and business achievements. A role model for Arab youth involvement in the social, humanitarian and business growth / achievements.
  • Generating along with LAU Alumni committee members in Dubai scholarships and fund raising helping unprivileged yet talented students achieve the required education.
  • Helping graduates and colleagues finding appropriate career opportunities in the UAE.

Saad’s motto is: “Self-actualization is not possible without the sort of community service that is constructive, goal-achieving and most importantly, constant.”

Saad El Zein hopes to continue to train and prepare the youth of the Arab world, in ways that are encouraging and engaging, so they will aspire to occupy high positions in different business and social disciplines in the Middle East region. Last, but of course never least, Saad El Zein believes in the generation of loving families, who enjoy strong ties, where anything is possible with that kind of deep support and loyalty.







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